A fun game fitting for everyone. A game for the youngest as well as the oldest. A perfect activity in the evening for some competition!

How do you play?

When you play shuffleboard you play in two seperate teams. A team contains between 1-4 people. The two teams are the same colors as the stones, which means one blue team and one red team.

Both teams pushes the stones every other time aiming towards the same edge of the table. The team with the stone closest to the edge gains the points from the round. If the winning team have several stones closest to the edge, they gain all of the stones points in that round. (The point-streak ends where the opponents stone lays.)

The winning team of the round begins the next round from the other side of the table.

First team to get to 15 points win!

Price: 350 kr/h

Quantity: 2-8 people.