Our Food & Activity packages

Kick-off with the company or football team?
Birthday celebration or just a usual night out?
Bachelor/bachelorette party or family time?

No matter what, our packages is the solution for you!

Combine food packages, activities and beverage packages to hit a full


First Base 1):
Starter: Nachos shared by two
Main course: Cheddar Cheeseburger /O’Learys Classic Caesar Salad/Fish&Chips
Dessert: Chef's favourite
Drink: Coffee / Tea
299 SEK per person

First Base 2):
Starter: Nachos shared by two or 6 Buffalo wings shared by two
Main course: Any burger from the menu*/BBQ Ribs / Fish & Chips/O’Learys Classic Caesar Salad
Dessert: Chef's favourite
Drinks: Coffee of your choice (Brew, Espresso, Latte, Cappucino) / Tea
329 SEK per person

*Double Cheeseburger not included

Kid's Menu:
Main course: Kid's Cheeseburger/Kid's Chicken nuggets
Dessert: 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
99 SEK per person (children under 13 years)

Second Base 1): 1 Bowlinghour / 1h Shuffleboard/ 1h Karaoke 100 SEK per person (90 SEK Sundays-Wednesdays)
Second Base 2): 3-kamp regular 130 SEK per person (120 SEK Sundays-Wednesdays)
Second Base 3): 5-kamp regular 150 SEK per person (140 SEK Sundays-Wednesdays)

Short Run: Carlsberg Export/Carlsberg Hof/House wine/Pear cider 72 SEK/drink
Mid Run: Draft beer of your choice/wine of your choice/cider of your choice 92 SEK/drink
Long Run: 50cl soda/Ramlösa/Carlsberg Non Alcoholic 39 SEK/drink

Please note that our food and activity packages are booked for
8 people or more, if nothing else has been agreed with our staff.

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