Göta Students!

Do you study and are a member of the Göta Student Union? Then this is where you should hang out on Mondays! Fantastic prices at the bar, offer on food, free bowling and shuffleboard! What more could a student want?

This is what we offer:

- Falcon 40cl for SEK 29

- The house's red / white / rose for SEK 39

- Pear cider 40cl for SEK 39

- Soft drink 40cl for SEK 25

- All other drinks in our range will be with a 15% discount on Mondays.

- Every Monday we will offer three different dishes from our menu for SEK 100 each. (vegetarian option available)
And french fries + dip for SEK 25.

- All members of Göta Student Union receive a 10% discount every day of the week on non-alcoholic beverages, food and activities with us at O’Leary’s Järntorget Bowling. (Does not apply to arcade games).


- When buying drinks or food, you get an activity ticket that is used when you bowl 1 series or 15 minutes shuffleboard, 15 minutes darts/2 pollettes free if space allows. Queuing systems are set up at the reception in case of high demand.
- The offer only applies to drop-in times subject to availability. Bowling or shuffleboard can not be booked in advance at student price. Only the big bar is open.
If you are a larger company, you are welcome to contact us so we can think about the distance!
- We only give student discounts to members who can show membership in Göta Student Union.

Live your Mondays and join us here at O'Leary's Järntorget!