Shuffleboard is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends. Everyone can join, regardless of age and have you never played before, we can give you an introduction on how the game goes.

Shuffleboard is a fairly new game in Sweden, but dates from the 16th century England. The game has since been further developed in the United States.

With us, you play true American racing tables that are 22 feet (6.71 m) far where you use your hand to bump off the pucks. The puppies slide incredibly easily on the long playing field thanks to the sand (silicone mixed with walnut shell) sprinkled on the playing surface.

PRICE: 200 SEK per hour, 150 SEK for 30 minutes

Play for half price - Monday-Friday between 11:30-16:00, 100 SEK per hour or 75 SEK for 30 minutes.


1. Show respect for your or your opponents as well as our Shuffleboards and equipment.

2. Up to 8 people play in each round.

3. If the Shuffle Table is busy, please talk to the staff at the game box at the bar, and book them up for you and your company.

4. Playing without sand on a Shuffle table is not allowed.

5. Do not place any drinks, glasses or cups on the shuffle table or in the sand tanks.


1. Each player or team has 4 pucks, red or blue.

2. To determine who starts playing a puck per team and the closest opposite edge begins or why not stone, scissors, bag?

3. The first player who achieves 15 points (short game) or 21 points (long game) wins.

4. Marking is on the table for scoring 1-4 points. 5 points are given if the puck hangs over the edge but remains on the playing surface.

5. All puckers must pass the line that marks the start of the 1-point zone from the side you play (the line closest to the center of the Shuffleboard.) Otherwise, they will be removed from the game.

6. The puck or puckles of the same color that come closest to the rear edge get the score.

7. Both feet must be behind the 1-point line closest to the player.

8. Beating two pucks at the same time is not allowed.

9. The entire puck must be inside the score field. Nuddar puck the line then applies to the lower score.

10. If the players can not decide who will put sand on the table, then lotta (stone, scissors, bag is a good tip).

11. The game is suitable for 2-8 people.


1. "The winner is left". Good when you are a group of friends who want to try to play. You only play one page.

2. "Compass game". You play with up to 8 players per game.

3. "The loser pays". You count the total points for a predetermined playing time.

If you start to bother, leave the game immediately and go home - shuffleboard is for a really nice moment!