Arcade Game Hall

Challenge your friends, colleagues or family in fun games & activities in our 250m2 arcade hall!
We have games that suit our very youngest fans too!

Some of our games:

A fast-paced motorcycle game where you control the motorcycle by tilting, accelerating, braking or doing a wheelie for a speed-boost.
Ride alone or compete against a friend interactively on the same track. Ride nicely or push your friend off the motorcycle, you choose!
The game has 10 tracks from all over the world and you can choose to ride as 13 different drivers.

Air hockey
A classic for two that is played with a puck and two "pushers" on a rectangular table with air holes to reduce the friction between the puck and the surface. At each short end there is an approximately 25 cm wide notch (the goal), which it is for the opponent to hit with the puck to score a goal and get points. The match is played on time and the result after finished time chooses the winner.

Boxer Boxball or Kicker Football
The ultimate strength test! Test your strength and challenge your friends.

Test your precision on our basketball machines! Play alone or with someone.

Neutron Star
Challenge your friends' reaction ability in this reaction game! There are 9 buttons on each side, score points by hitting the ones that light up. But beware of the dark buttons, you will lose points!

Candy / stuffed animal crane machine
A favorite for both the loving couple and the family. Win every time!

You play our games with tokens, You buy the tokens in the machine in the arcade hall by paying by card.