Every weekday between 2pm - 6pm we have After Work at O'Learys Linköping with really nice prices on food and drinks! 🍻

Our After Work offer:
- Beer/Cider of the house 40cl or a glass of wine red / white / rosé SEK 49
- A glass of cava 69 SEK
- Soda 25 SEK
- Nachos 49 SEK
- Super Combo Plate or Snacks Plate 59 SEK
- Cheddar Cheeseburger, Fish & Chips or Caesar Salad 129 SEK

Take the opportunity to combine your visit with some of our activities, such as Shuffleboard, Blacklight Minigolf or Bowling!
Read more about our activities HERE

*The offer does not apply during big matches or other major events.