Darkzone Lasertag

Under Filbyter Galleria hides Darkzone Lasertag, our masterful laser tag arena of 500m2 filled with mystery, excitement and adrenaline. With 22 vests and an exciting arena in black-light, we guarantee an experience beyond the ordinary!

About Darkzone Lasertag:
Laser tag (also called Laser game) is a team sport or individual sport where players try to get as many points as possible by firing laser weapons at their opponents' vests. The more hits, the higher the score!

Before the game, you get an overview of how the game works and how the equipment works. You then put on your vests and get ready with your laser weapon. When the game starts, the game counts down before it's time to start shooting. Run out to the arena and hide quickly, it's now the seriousness begins!

In our exciting arena with cool blacklight paintings, smoke and pumping music, you then chase your opponents through the dark corridors. The rules are simple: Shoot as many opponents as you can!

The game is suitable for everyone, big and small, both as a fun activity for family, friends, children's parties or for team building with colleagues.

15 min game: 80 SEK / person
2 x 15 min game: 130 SEK / person
3 x 15 min game: 180 SEK/ person

Book your Darkzone Laser Tag experience HERE

Are you a company up to 22 people? Book the entire arena for yourself! Email us at linkoping@olearys.se for your booking.

PSST! We also have simpler bar service for something refreshing before or after the game