HyperBowling is a brand new bowling game designed around an innovative, new bumper system (fence) that is actually intended to be used as part of the game. Now everyone can play and win because every roll counts every time!

- HyperBowling is chosen as a plus option for classic bowling and adds a cost of 50 SEK / 55 min
(Regular cost for a bowling alley will be added from SEK 300 - read more about regular bowling and prices here)
Please arrive 15 minutes before the booked time as there can be a long queue at the check-in counter

HyperBowling Basics
First you have to hit the bumper to get points! Colorful targets on the bumper are worth a number of different points (2X, 3X and so on) and each cone knocked down is worth 100 points. So, a 2X multiplier and 8 cones generate 1600 points! But watch out, the red goal always results in 0 points. There are different challenges and levels to explore within each game which allows for high scores.

QubicaAMF's signature game is designed for everyone! The screens are closely linked to the action on the tracks. Rising levels of colorful targets in different sizes and positions on the fence correspond to a multiplier. The animations on the monitors show you your score when the target is hit.

HyperBowl Pro
Here you get the same basic game mechanics and points as HyperBowl, but with escalating challenges! HyperBowl Pro is built for the skilled (or wannabe-skilled) player and has complex targets with movement, resized sizes and greater scoring risks.

Players are split into two teams from the SuperTouch console and each team selects a color. Bumpers are colorless from the start and players compete to "claim" the territory along the bumpers - a stroke in a dark area highlights the part your team color has. Seize more bumpers and you win!

A game with fast-moving goals inspired by a classic video game show. Aim for the right color to multiply the cones, but avoid the red marking that results in zero points! A combination of skill and luck, making this game a perfect entertainment activity for everyone involved.