Full selection of entertainment & activities

Visiting O'Learys Linköping should be a fun experience and a meeting place where you get together for fun with friends, family or colleagues. We have selected the latest and best activities in the entertainment category to offer a selection of easy and fun activities that can be loved by everyone!

Here you will find:

Blacklight Mini Golf - The hottest new alternative to traditional mini golf! Our Black Light courses add a new dimension to the mini golf round. Fluorescent UV lighting causes balls, putters and obstacles to glow, giving a whole new life to the runways and artwork on the walls!

Brainflow Adventure Room - An adventure room with exciting obstacles and challenges in the dark that challenges both body and mind!

Hyper Bowling - The new way to play bowling that takes the game to the next level! In a mix of pinball games, lights, obstacles in motion and sensors, take the ball through the track to catch as many points as possible before reaching the skittles. A new variant of classic bowling that makes it exciting for both beginners and professionals! (Of course, we also have classic bowling)

Karaoke room, shuffleboard, billiards, arcade hall, ping pong etc…

So why not book your next happening or company conference at O'Learys Linköping? See all our activities and read more here: olearys.se/en-us/linkoping/activities/