Happenings every day of the week

O'Learys Lund is the perfect meeting place for friends, family and colleagues to socialize, challenge each other in our activities and have fun!

We want to offer something for everyone - every day of the week. This means that you can always find something fun to do with us, whether your visit is planned or spontaneous.

To keep track of the week's events such as afterwork, quiz, offers or other happenings, you can visit the week's schedule which always gives you the latest information. Here you will find all our activities, scroll down the page to see what happens week by week: olearys.se/lund/activities/

Every week we offer:
- Afterwork every weekday (Monday - Thursday 17.00 - 18.00 and Fridays 14.00 - 18.00)
- Live Sport every day
- Student discounts and offers every day
- Supporter offers every day
- O'Learys by Night every Friday and Saturday to 1am with open mic karaoke, drinks and great games
- Karaoke Club every payday Friday (one Friday a month)
- Sunday Funday with activities for the whole family

In addition to the above, we offer fun activities such as shuffleboard, dart, boxing, air hockey and basketball. Perfect for a nice afterwork, between live sport games or over a glass with friends.

So why not book your next hangout or company conference at O'Learys Lund? See all our activities and read more here: olearys.se/lund/activities/

Welcome to us at Klostergatan!