A mix between curling and boule wich is about repelling you opponents stones. An entertaining game that requiers nerves of


300 SEK 1 table 55 minutes


Each player (team) has 4 stones each.

You play every other stone, both teams play from the same side. The goal is to get the stone to stay in one of the selected points, 1-4 points, on the other side of the table. Nudging the stone a line always gives the lower score. Hanging the stone over the edge short side, without having dropped you get 5 points.

Points are given only to the winning team's stones as they are better than the opponent's best stone.

The team that first achieves 15 points wins.


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OBS. Age limit in our event center is 18 years or in company of an adult.
After 21.00 we have a strict age limit från 18 years.