For SEK 350 you can book a table with us for 55 minutes full of intense action.

Learn more about shuffleboard!

The game begins when each team (or individual player) has four pucks each.

Teams take turns sending their pucks across the table from the same side, the goal being to get them to land on marked scoring fields worth between 1-4 points. If your puck touches any line, the lower score is always awarded, but if it hangs over the short side without falling down, you get a full five points!

Most important rule? Points are awarded only to the winning team's best stone compared to the opponents' best stone.

The game continues until one team reaches a total of 15 points - then we have a winner!

Do the rules feel unclear or complicated? Come in and we'll help you, or you can come up with your own rules!

Book shuffleboard in the Mall of Scandinavia now! You will definitely have fun while challenging both your brain and motor skills.

Note. The age limit in our event center is 18 years or accompanied by a guardian. After 21.00 there is a strict age limit of 18.