No.1 Dinner/Brunch Buffé


Every Tuesday - Friday (5:30 - 9:00 p.m.), Saturday (12:00 - 9:00 p.m.) and Sunday (12:00 - 7:00 p.m.) we present our No.1 Buffet that is suitable for a date , the whole group of friends, the family or the company!

See below to read more about what you will find on our buffet and prices for the Dinner/Brunch buffet!

Here you can sit for a long time without getting tired. Of course, our No.1 Buffet is also child-friendly with flavors that suit both young and old. After dinner, we recommend continuing the day in our large Event Center where you will find, among other things, Bowling, Laser Tag, Mini-Golf, Billiards and our large arcade section (Game Zone).

Our Grandiosa Las Vegas inspired buffet has a little bit of everything for everyone:

Meat station (freshly cut for you directly on site) etc.:

- Sirloin steak, Night-baked lamb roast,

- Pork tenderloin, Short Ribs,

- Grilled chicken,

- Salmon and Mussels (moules frites),

- Accessories such as potato gratin, wedged potatoes, roasted vegetables, French fries and a number of delicious sauces,

- Salad buffet.


- Sushi,

- Wok dishes of the day, Fried shrimps, Vegetarian spring rolls and Dumplings (also with a vegetarian option),

- Kimchi salad, Glass noodle salad,

- Shrimp chips.

Classic O'Leary's:

- Buffalo Wings, Crispy Wings,

- Mozzarella Sticks, Cheddar Zappers,

- O'Leary's BBQ Ribs, Chicken Nuggets and Oumph!,

- Hamburger Buffet with French fries, Bacon, Onion Rings, Dressing, Blue Cheese, Coleslaw, Pickles, Tomato, Onion,

- American Pancakes with jam, syrup and cream (brunch).

Pizza & Tacos:

- Three different types of pizza, one of which is vegetarian,

- Tacos, Nacho Chips with different dipping sauces.


- Marinated olives, Marinated tomatoes,

- Marinated mushrooms, Marinated peppers.

- The artichoke hearts.


- Soft ice cream with different toppings such as sprinkles and different sauces (Cola, Strawberry, etc.),

- Carrot cake, Cheesecake, Chocolate mousse, Pannacotta in various flavors, Moccaruto, etc.,

- Sweets of various kinds and coffee bread,

- Coffee Tea.

We reserve the right to make changes to the menu. The selection in the buffet may vary depending on the season.

For those who do not eat animal products, we can offer a varied range of different dishes based on Oumph! or Soya protein dishes.

No.1 Dinner Buffet is served Tuesday - Friday (17:30 - 20:30) and Saturdays (16:00 - 20:30)

No.1 Brunch Buffet is served Saturdays (12:00 - 16:00) and Sundays (12:00 - 19:00)

Prices No.1 Dinner Buffet:

Adult SEK 349/person.

Half price for children up to 12 years old (applies to children accompanied by a guardian who eats 2 children/adult).

For groups of more than 15 people, there is a supplement of SEK 41/person

For larger groups (more than 15 children) and for children unaccompanied by an adult SEK 259/person.

Price No.1 Brunch Buffet:

Adult SEK 299/person

Half price for children up to 12 years (for children accompanied by a guardian who eats 2 children/adult)

For larger groups (more than 15 children) and for children unaccompanied by an adult SEK 219/person.

For larger requests, we can also arrange private buffets (even with own conference rooms, Chambre Separée) for your company. Contact us for more information and our event planners will help you plan the perfect dinner party.

NOTE! At larger events in, for example, Friends Arena, there may be price changes for the No1 Buffet. Contact us for more information.

Call our reservation on 08 - 751 09 65 or email us [email protected] and we will help create the perfect dinner evening!

Opening hours for No.1 Dinner/Brunch Buffet:

Tuesday - Friday:

17:30-20:30 (Dinner buffet)


12:00-16:00 (Brunch buffet)

16:00-20:30 (Dinner buffet)


12:00-20:00 (Brunch buffet)

No buffet is served on Mondays.

A warm welcome to O'Leary's Westfield Mall of Scandinavia!