How great is your hit?

We offer two pooltables in a nice relaxed environment.
Alomst like having a pool table in the living room, but better!

One hour: 150: -
30 minutes: 90: -

Decide about who to start, place the balls in the triangle and then place the balls on the point on the table.
If the player that starts set one colored ball, this player may only set colored balls, and the other player half-balls. If the person that starts sets both balls, you have to choose which color, however, it is then the next player's turn to hit his shot. You cannot set the 8-ball before you put all your other balls. Then the 8 (black ball) must be put in the same basket as your last ball is put in.
If you set the white ball, the opponent may pick up one of your set balls and place it in the middle of the table and also place the white ball wherever they want on the table and then hit his shot.
You can continue to play as long as you set your own balls, if you set the opponent's ball, the next shot goes on to the next player.

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