Swing your golfclub at Norrtull!

We have collected all the genres of music in a fantastic 9-hole course.
Bring your friends, family, colleagues, your first date
(or why not everyone at the same time?) And play through the music history!

Adult 60: - for one round
Children under 13: 25: - for one round
The minigolf can only be booked if you are more than 10 people otherwise it is drop-in.

The rules are really quite simple. The goal of the game is to use the club to get the ball into holes in as few shots as possible. There’s also a maximum for how many shots you can play on each course, ex. 6 shots, if you do not get the ball in the hole on your sixth shot then you get 7 as a point on the scoreboard.

Questions, thoughts or direct booking?
Call us on 08 211 333 or email