4 tables next to each other in the game room!

The precision game that can be played by everyone, you can call it minicurling, a type of boule, or just really really fun.
A game for you who are sure in aim, or who wants to practice it, regardless of this is the activity that will do your entire evening.

60 minutes: 250 SEK
30 minutes: 150 SEK

Each player (team) has 4 stones each.

You play every other stone, both teams play from the same side. The goal is to make the stone stay in one of the marked points, 1-4 points, on the other side of the table. If the stone touches a line, the lower score is always given. Hanging the stone over the distant short side, without having fallen down, is given 5 points.

Points are only awarded to the winning team's stones as they have better than the opposing team's best stone.
The team that first reaches 15/21 points wins.

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