Have a fun birthday party!

Come and party with us at O'Learys Tolv - we celebrate all children up to 12 years with the company of at least four people.
The party lasts for about 2.5 hours and includes food, ice cream, activity (bowling or adventure golf) as well as a bag of sweets and a to take home.

Saturdays and Sundays: 275 SEK per child

In order for the party to be as successful as possible, at least one adult per seven children should be present. We offer a free cup of coffee or a soft drink for the adults - additional food can be ordered from our á la carte menu.

1. Choose a meal for the whole party (exceptions can be made for allergies / special diets)
- Kids burger with french fries
- Chicken Nuggets with french fries
- Pancakes with jam and whipped cream

After the meal all the children are treated to a delicious ice cream from our new Ice Cream Café!

2. Choose an activity
- 55 minutes of bowling on our fun disco bowling lanes
- 1 round of adventure golf on our popular course. The course consists of 12 holes with a Stockholm theme and offers a fun tour in a mini version of our beautiful city

Questions and booking - mail@olearystolv.se