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Shuffleboard is a very fun game that is a bit reminiscent of curling. The game consists of shooting a puck from one side of a long table to the other and collecting points. First to 15 points wins. Sounds easy doesn't it! But is it..?

300 SEK per table, 55 minutes


Each player or team has four pucks each and you play every other puck from the same side. The goal is to get the puck to stop in one of the marked score fields, 1-4 points, on the other side of the table.

The player or team that gets closest to the edge gets points for all their pucks that are in front of the opponent's. If the puck touches a line, the lower score is always given. If the puck hangs over the far short side without falling down, 5 points are given.

When all pucks have been played, the points are added up and a new round is started. First to 15 points wins!