We at O'Learys Tolv Stockholm follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and take all possible measures we can to safeguard the health of our guests and to avoid the spread of infection.

In this document you can read more about what specific measures we have in place.

In accordance with the authorities' regulations on November 3rd, the size of a party at the same table is limited to a maximum of eight persons. This means that we divide larger parties between several tables with at least one meter in between. We have decided to also introduce this for all our activities; larger parties than eight will be divided so that a proper distance can be kept.

We ask our guests to please take note of the following:

  • All our staff are well aware of the importance of good hygiene and distance. We have strengthened all our routines around cleaning and hygiene.
  • If you experience symptoms of illness, even diffuse ones, we ask that you avoid visiting us. This to show consideration to other guests and staff.
  • Our restaurants and our event center are currently not covered by the restrictions of a maximum of 50 people. This means that our facilities are not defined as a place for public gatherings or public events.

    Updated November 5th, 2020.