Birthday party

O'Learys + Birthday = FUN!
We celebrate all kids up to 12 years with the company of at least four people.

The party lasts approximately two hours and includes the Green Monster Burger, a juice, a Piggelin ice cream and 55 minutes Bowling.

149 SEK per child

In order for the party to be as successful as possible, at least one adult per seven children should be present. Food for the adults can be ordered from our á la carte menu.

If you would like to bring your own cake or order balloons or candy bags we can offer this at the prices below:

Bringing your own cake: 100 SEK service cost
Candy bags: 25 SEK per bag
Balloon: 10 SEK per balloon

Contact us at +46 (0) 8 57 97 08 07 for booking or questions.