We at O'Learys Vällingby follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and take all possible measures we can to safeguard the health of our guests and to avoid the spread of infection.

We ask our guests to please take note of the following:

  • All our staff are well aware of the importance of good hygiene and distance. We have strengthened all our routines around cleaning and hygiene.
  • If you experience symptoms of illness, even diffuse ones, we ask that you avoid visiting us. This to show consideration to other guests and staff.

    Our safety measures:

    - Increased cleaning hours
    - Disinfection after all activities; cleaning bowling balls, shuffleboard material etc.
    - Limited number of guests and seats
    - Extra security staff
    - Improved routines regarding food handling
    - Several stations with hand disinfectant
    - Staying at home when experiencing symptoms of illness

    You are welcome to contact us on +46 (0) 8 579 708 07 if you have any questions.