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The game consists of a fixed bowl with a rotating disc and a small ball that is set in motion in the opposite direction on the disc and which finally falls into a compartment. There are 37 compartments numbered from 0 to 36 in alternating black and red colors, with the exception of the 0 which is green. Players bet on chips where the chips are either individual colored chips or cash chips with a specific number.

Black Jack
Played with one or more regular decks of cards. Each player is dealt cards by a dealer. The dealer is on the opposite side of the table and also has its own cards. As a player, it is always the dealer you play against and try to win over. It is therefore the task of all players to play against the dealer and you do not play against other players. The game is about getting a higher sum on your dealt cards than the dealer has, and this without exceeding the sum 21. The player has a choice at each round and can choose to either take another card or stay.