3 game battle

Challenge your friends, colleagues or family on a fun 3 game battle in Bowling, Shuffleboard and Basketball. Fun together and always very much appreciated! Here you give yourself away for a fight and compete for glory and fame! If there is anything you wonder about, you can of course ask our staff on site.

Price / Person:
199 SEK for Bowling, Shuffleboard and Basket

This is how you play:

A timeless classic that puts nerves and tactics to the test. Here you go out on 55 minutes of bowling time where each participant plays individually and together collects points for the team. After the bowling time, each player's points add up. Strike on!

Each participant receives 8x2 pucks. Each participant first shuffles 8 pucks towards one direction and lands them in the points compartments. Then the same participant shuffles 8 pieces in the opposite direction. You then add up all 16 puck points.

Each participant receives a token for the basketball machine. The participant throws basketballs until the time runs out (Requires a certain point on each level to get a new time)

- Minimum number of participants for 3 game battle: 3 people. Maximum number of participants: 16 people.
- Our 3-battle is carried out on its own without activity host with the help of assigned scoreboard
- You should plan your time for 1.5 - 2.5 hours depending on the number of people
- Bowling refers to up to 55 minutes of playing time

For bookings, email us at ystad@olearys.se or call us at 0411-89 76 00